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ZacebookPK US Proxy


ZacebookPK US Proxy is Accessible

Our web proxy is accesible all across the united states for. You can access ZacebookPK from your office or even school and from ther go every where you what on the internet and we offer it up for FREE.


Unblock restricted websites

Most of us don't have access to all major websites in our office environment in US. Employers love to restrict or access only to websites they dem fit for us, that's why we created ZacebookPK to work extra good with sites like youtube, facebook, twitter and much much more.


High encryption

We've created a high encryption algorithm so you can be safe and anonymized for when you surf the web using ZacebookPK US Proxy. Even more, we double the security bu adding a SSL certificate to our websites. This means, if your boss is trying to get you by going to your network administrator they both will see gibberish, and they still will not know where you are on the internet. We recomend you use ZacebookPK of protection when you navigate from your office environment computer to web sites that are note in the interest of the company.